Framed Front Standard Electric Black (Wholesale Application Approval Required)

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Price includes one case of 4 individually boxed covers in black.

Our uniquely patented cover is designed to be attached to just about any brand of wall hanger on the market today, including brands such as Hercules, String Swing, Top Stage, Proline, etc.

Our covers will also work on some types of “slat wall” style guitar hangers. The kind that are typically used by music stores, such as yours. The only kind of slat wall hangers that will work are the kind that contain a wing nut and removeable carriage bolt located where the yoke cradle pivots from side to side.

You can use our covers to securely padlock your high-end guitars inside while still being able to display them from the outside. Just imagine how every guitar customer’s curiosity will be instantly aroused whenever they walk in your door. From across the entire showroom, they will be automatically drawn, straight towards seeing your guitars displayed inside our covers! You, the salesperson, won’t even have to say a word! Our uniquely designed covers will simply sell themselves!! Everyone will say “I gotta have one of those!”

Our rear panel material is made from extremely soft, breathable 100% rayon. This specialty fabric is made specifically for the musical instrument industry.

Our front panel material is made from very thick, heavy duty, 30-gauge clear vinyl. Some will question if there are any points of contact with the guitar body to the clear vinyl. No worries here! The only possible points of contact may be across the bridge and/or control knobs. At no point does our clear vinyl come in contact with the actual guitar body itself.

Clear vinyl front panel material meets flame-retardant specifications NFPA 701. The rayon rear panel material meets flame-retardant specifications NFPA 705.

**Does not include guitar**

**Does not include wall hanger**

**Does not include padlock**

1 year from manufacturer defects

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